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Advanced Diploma
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NAGGL’s Advanced Diploma Program affords seasoned SBA professionals with a wealth of existing expertise the opportunity to continue their SBA education in a way that will help them meet the increasingly diverse needs of their management and customers in new and innovative ways.

 Required Courses
• Advanced SOP 50 10 Training
• Advanced Credit Analysis [formerly called Advanced Cash Flow Analysis]
• Advanced SBA Loan Documentation and Closing
• Advanced SBA Loan Servicing and Liquidation

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Policies & Procedures
• All course work must be completed within a three-year period for a candidate to be eligible for the final application project.
• The three-year period commences on the date the candidate attends their first advanced course.
• NAGGL requires verification of course attendance, which is accomplished through the onsite check-in process.
• Status letters are sent to participating candidates upon written request.
• Substitution for advanced courses by other NAGGL courses or programs, or by other organizations’ courses or programs, is not permitted.
• Privately scheduled courses may be used for credit only if the standard course curriculum is delivered in its entirety.
• Condensed versions of a standard course curriculum may not be used for credit. (To ensure that a privately scheduled course will be eligible for credit, please discuss eligibility of the curriculum to be delivered during the contract negotiation process.)

Final Application Project
The Advanced Lender Diploma Program requires completion of a Final Application Project upon a candidate’s completion of all advanced courses.

• NAGGL will inform each candidate of their eligibility to take the final application project.
• The candidate must request the final application project in writing within 90 days of the eligibility date (the date the final advanced course was completed).
• Candidates will complete the final application project via the Internet.
• The completed final application project must be returned to NAGGL for scoring within 15 calendar days from the date received by the candidate. Candidates may complete the final application project only once during the 15-day period.
• All final application projects are copyrighted property of NAGGL, and must be returned to NAGGL, completed or not, within the specified time frame.
• All Internet-based final application projects are machine scored and reviewed manually.
• The final application project is comprised of sections representing content from each required advanced course.
• The candidate must receive a score of at least 70% on each section to pass the final application project.

Candidates who have successfully completed the Advanced Lender Diploma Program according to the guidelines set forth will be recognized and will receive an award at the NAGGL Annual Conference on Small Business Lending. Recipients will also be featured in In Focus, NAGGL’s association newsletter.

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