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Standing Committees

Please feel free to contact the chair of any of NAGGL committees concerning issues you'd like raised in their areas of authority.

The selection process for new committee members is underway. Committees play a vital role, giving members an open channel of communications with their fellow industry experts, NAGGL and the SBA. Interested members should contact NAGGL prior to December 5.

Conference & Education
Supports NAGGL staff and board of directors' strategic direction, design and implementation of conference events and educational courses.
Chair: Cal Regan, Meadows Bank

Large Lender
Serves as a channel of communication to the Technical Issues Committee and board of directors on issues directly related to the Large Bank Lender membership segment.
Chair: Larry Conley, JPMorgan Chase

Associate Member
Serves as a channel of communication to NAGGL leadership on issues related to the service provider membership segment.
Co-Chair: Kevin Power, Collateral Specialists
Co-Chair: Penny Roach, Granite Commercial Management

Provides suggestions and support to NAGGL staff and board of directors relating to membership recruitment and retention.
Chair: Kerri Agee, bancserv

Regional Liaison Chairpersons
Jennifer O'Neill, NAGGL

Secondary Market
Provides input and technical expertise to staff and board of directors for issues directly related to the SBA secondary market.
Co-Chair:Mary Mims, Signature Securities
Co-Chair:Bob Judge, Government Loan Solutions

Small Lender
Serves as a channel of communication to the Technical Issues Committee and board of directors on issues directly related to the Small Bank Lender membership segment.
Since small lenders are the majority of our membership, this category is divided into two groups representing a (very) approximate division at the Mississippi River. Each committee will meet separately and come together as a larger committee for face-to-face meetings during conferences.
Small Lender East – Daniel Preston, Fidelity Bank
Small Lender West – Christine Young, Venture Bank

Technical Issues
Serves as liaison group that discusses lenders' program policy issues directly with SBA policymakers.  Recommends to the board of directors what technical issues to focus on.
Chair: Sherrill Stockton, Exchange Bank

504 Lending Committee
Serves the first mortgage lenders and helps them understand the 504 program.
Co-Chair: Carolyn Crockett, Nevada State Bank
Co-Chair: Kurt Chilcott, CDC Small Business Finance

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