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When you invest your time and resources into something, you need assurance that it will remain viable. NAGGL is the 7(a) program’s guardian, having built key relationships and efficient lobbying techniques that allow us to attack legislative challenges quickly and effectively.

Grassroots Tools
NAGGL understands that the most effective lobbying tool available is a call from a constituent, which means we can have the same impact that our members can only a fraction of the time. This is why we provide grassroots tools to empower you enact change in Washington, DC. More >

Legislative Action Center
One of the ways we keep you connected with issues and your elected officials is our online Congressional Directory, the Legislative Action Center, which puts Congress at your fingertips. More >

Affecting Policy
One of the chief ways we ensure efficiency in the 7(a) program is working with the SBA on key technical issues to head off problems before they occur. More >

SBA Notice Archive
In the SBA, policy can change quickly, which means lenders have a lot of keeping up to do to remain in compliance. NAGGL offers archives of SBA Notices make staying current easier. 
More >


Legislative Alerts
In crucial times, NAGGL makes sure 7(a) program participants receive alerts in time to make a difference, and when there’s good news lenders hear it from us first. Don’t miss out on the news that’s important to you. Make sure we have your contact information today. Contact us >

25 Years of Service
NAGGL’s first legislative victory—which occurred in 1984—is the reason for today’s thriving 7(a) program. Learn more about where NAGGL has been in the past, and what our future holds. 
More >

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